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Ethel and Ernest: A True Story book

Ethel and Ernest: A True Story by Raymond Briggs

Ethel and Ernest: A True Story

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Ethel and Ernest: A True Story Raymond Briggs ebook
Page: 104
Publisher: Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780375714474
Format: pdf

Ethel and Ernest: A True Story by Raymond Briggs. Rather than speak ill of the recently departed, I refer you all to the famous chapter ("My Marriage to Ernest Borgnine") in Ethel Merman's memoir. Ethel and Ernest: A True Story, Raymond Briggs has used his parents in his work before. In the case of a character actor like Ernest .. Ethel and Ernest: A True Story. In 1964, many an eyebrow was raised when Ethel Merman married Ernest Borgnine. It's not a detailed narrative, but more a series of loosely connected vignettes. Ethel and Ernest: A True Story Raymond Briggs ebook. It's a famous quip, one that is proven true virtually every time a former Oscar-winner -- or even a nominee -- dies, even when their celebrity is such that a puny golden statuette hardly seems their most culturally significant achievement. Ethel & Ernest (subtitled 'A True Story') tells the story of the author Raymond Briggs' parents, from their first meeting to their deaths. Recommended for secondary boys (and girls) who would enjoy this true story of Ernest Brough's experience in North Africa and Europe in World War Two. While it is true that in 1964 Borgnine was an Academy Award-winning actor and star of the popular sitcom McHales Navy, Merman had been a stage and screen star for three decades, and had just enjoyed international acclaim in the hit comedy To do this when Merman is no longer around to tell her side of the story forever marks Borgnine as a coward, and a lying coward at that.

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